Kaymu's take on European Easter Traditions


March 25th Sofia, Bulgaria. Kaymu brings you the most interesting Easter Traditions from around Europe.

Easter is associated with bunnies, eggs, presents and elaborate meals with family all over the world. It signals resurrection, spring, birth and all things beautiful. But many countries have traditions which are interesting and a far cry from the ordinary! Kaymu, which is the #1 online shopping community, backed by Rocket Internet brings you the most interesting Easter traditions in Europe:

  1. Croatia: In the northern part of Croatia, on Holy Saturday, bonfires are lit in every village near the church. Every village competes with the other to create the largest and brightest bonfire that can be seen from miles away. People gather around the bonfire to sing songs and talk to each other. The fire is also started in the traditional way with two pieces of flint and not using matchsticks.
  2. Czech Republic and Slovakia: On Easter Monday, men generally visit their female relatives and whip them lightly with handmade whips and at times, also pour cold water on them. In earlier days, each lady would add her own ribbon to the whip so that end of the day, men could have a ribbon from each lady to keep count of the number of women they visited. Apparently, it is believed that the fertility of the willow tree ( the material from which the whips are made) flows through women during the whipping process.
  3. Bulgaria: After midnight mass on Holy Saturday, eggs are cracked in Bulgaria. Over the next few days, people take turns to tap their eggs against each other and the person with the last uncracked egg is believed to have a year of good luck.
  4. Slovenia: Slovenians are known for their intricately decorated easter eggs. They are crafted with great care and are often used as presents. Girls paint and craft their eggs and give it to the boy they like to indicate their feelings to them. Often eggs have declarations of love in them - girls who are not able to express their feelings to the boy they like use the easter eggs as a means to do so.
  5. Belarus: Easter in Belarus has a lot of colorful traditions but something that stands out is the practice of singing folk songs called Valachbny - prevalent in the central and north-west regions. In some areas women sing separately for men and men are accustomed to singing separately for women. These are generally sung on the first few days of Easter only. This tradition has pagan roots and is associated with folk singers travelling from village to village singing these songs for the people.

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