How Ramadan impacts consumer online shopping habits

Statistics from JUMIA Egypt reveal changes in shopping trends before and during Ramadan

Statistics provided by JUMIA Egypt show that shopping habits change significantly during Ramadan. Shorter working hours, different traffic rush hours and limited availability of physical retail outlets mean that shoppers value the speed and convenience of online shopping, with peaks in activity from 11am-6pm and then again from 11pm-3am.

Consumer shopping habits change significantly during the Holy Month of Ramadan, according to recent statistics revealed by JUMIA, the e-commerce leader in Egypt and Africa. As people adapt to shorter working hours, different traffic rush hours and limited availability of physical retail outlets, there is a clear difference in online shopping trends before and during Ramadan. Consumers now are mostly online and shopping between 11 AM and 6 PM and then again from 11 PM to 3AM, with the highest peak at being between 2 PM and 3PM, which is the time just before people leave their offices.

“As e-commerce continues to impact consumer behaviours, we’re keeping a close eye on buying patterns during different seasons of the year, said Mattia Perroni, MD for JUMIA Egpyt. “ Because of the short working hours of both consumers as well as retail locations, people have very limited time to reach their physical shopping destinations before Iftar. The demand for the speed and convenience of online shopping is even greater during Ramadan, as our traffic statistics show. The availability of a 24-hour, ‘always-on’ online shoping location like JUMIA gives consumers the added advantage of easy access, a one-stop-shop e-commerce website that delivers their needs to their homes.”

Continuing its effort to provide a unique online shopping experience for its customers, JUMIA believes it is very important to understand the buying patterns and insights of the customers in order to simplify the online shopping process for their convenience and enjoyment. JUMIA has now a 40% share of the online retail in Egypt and it is transforming the African market by tapping into Africa’s most promising markets, targeting over 600m people.


JUMIA is Africa’s leading online shopping destination. Customers across the continent can shop amongst the widest assortment of high quality products at affordable prices – offering everything from fashion, consumer electronics, home appliances to beauty products. Jumia was the first African company to win an award at the World Online Retail Awards 2013 in Paris as the “Best New Retail Launch” of the year.

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