Jumia dominated Black Friday Sales in Nigeria and reveals astounding performance

Jumia dominated Black Friday Sales in Nigeria and reveals astounding performance

Fatoumata Ba, Managing Director of Jumia Nigeria disclosed this morning the results of Black Friday Sales and one thing is sure: the performance of African e-commerce giant is le-gen-da-ry.

“Our amazing performance on Black Friday demonstrates the success of our strategy to continuously deliver the best retail value proposition through the widest assortment, at the best price and the best possible shopping experience."

Black Friday 2015 is a turning point for Jumia and for the retail space in Nigeria on several levels: a record number of brands and vendors participated to Jumia Black Friday and offered exclusive deals to our fellow Nigerian customers, millions of them visited our website, generating revenues that are 25 times more important than on an average day.

Jumia's team is already preparing at full speed the festive season to allow every Nigerian to spoil his/her beloved ones with even more amazing products offering and deals for upcoming 12.12 and Christmas celebrations.

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Jumia aims at creating a connected digital Africa to improve people’s lives on the continent, thanks to the Internet. Therefore, Jumia’s mission is to connect African consumers and entrepreneurs to do better business together. Founded in 2012, with a presence in 23 African countries, the group has MTN, Rocket Internet, Millicom, Orange & Axa as investors. Jumia has been creating a sustainable ecosystem of digital services and infrastructures through online and mobile marketplaces and classifieds to expand your horizons.